Reusable  Sanitary Pads 

Pocket Pads

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  • Pocket pads are created by me in my workshop in Canterbury.  They have an opening each end of the pad so you can put what you reuire in the way of inserts for your menstrual or bladder needs.  

    Protective layer is  waterproof but breathable PUL . The top layer is a stay dry fabric that wicks any moisture quickly away to the super absorrbent insert.  The insert is made from the latest technology in absorent fabircs, called Zorb, it is a super absorbent fabric that can soak up to 20 x more than cotton, hemp or bamboo.  

    To use: simply fold the insert length wise and insert into the pocket opening, pat it down into place and place onto underwear. Snap the snaps around the base of your underwear.  When the pad starts to feel heavy it is time for a new one.  

    To wash, simply rinse in cold water. Fill a soaking container (ice cream container with lid) with cold water, teas poon of baking soda and a splash of white vinager.  Soak in there till your next wash, Rinse before washing. Wash hot, warm or cold.  DO NOT BLEECH OR USE FABRIC SOFTENER. Use a powder of liquid free from phospates that is gentle to the skin.



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