Milk Pads Ultimate Night Time Breast Pads

Milk Pads Ultimate Night Pads

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  • Milk Pads Ultimate Night Milk breast pads.
    - Top layer is soft suede cloth (white, black are topped with black)
    - Absorbency is 1 layer of microfiber terry
    x2 layers of bamboo fleece
    - Outer is breathable, water proof PUL. (White, Hot pink, Bright Blue or black)

    The soft suede cloth sits against the breast and nipple. It wicks away the milk leaving the breast dry. The Milk goes through into the thirsty first layer of mircofibire, behind that you have x2 layers of super absorbent bamboo fleece and lastly you are protected by a layer of leak proof, breathable PUL. This is the Ultimate protection at night time from leakage.
    Each pad is around 11cm in diameter,this pads is great for Heavy leakage.If you are bigger than a E cup go for the large size.
    Feed Back:
    "Having just had my second child, I was all too aware of the potential for "leakage freakage". Having had a nipple pierced and removed before the birth of my first child I had many troubles with extra leakage from the pierced side. When the opportunity arose to trail the Ultimate Night Pad I was very excited, not only am I wanting to be eco friendly I am wanting to be financially conscious as well. The Ultimate Night Pad was beautifully soft and more importantly it worked. Even when my baby sleeps all night. I am very happy to vouch for this product! Thanks to Christina for this opportunity." - Amber McKenzie- South Island

    Each pair of Milk Pads comes with easy to use washing instructions. 

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    breast pads washable