Milk Pads Starter Pack

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Milk Pads Starter Pack

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  • Milk Pads starter pack  Milk Pads +  Laundry bag + FREE WETBAG
    Pack contains = x3 pair of white Everyday Milkpads and x2 pair of Grey, Blue or Pink super soakers (great for night time).

    SAVE heaps of money and be kind to the environment by using Milk Pads, Reusable, Water Proof, Breast Pads. MADE HERE IN NEW ZEALAND on my industrial machines in my workshop..

    The soft suede cloth sits against the breast and nipple. It wicks away the milk leaving the breast dry. The Milk goes through into the thirsty mircofibire layer and lastly you are protected by a layer of leak proof, breathable PUL. Milk Pads are very light and thin, making them less noticeable and fast drying. Each Regular pad is around 11cm in diameter. Once the pad feels heavy it's time to get a clean one. Always pays to have more than one pair!!
    “I loved these pads. So much better than disposable ones or even other reusable ones. Having the water proof backing is amazing. I can wear these and not be worried about leakage. My nipples don't sick to them either which is a great plus.
    Amazing product for a great price.
    Also love supporting NZ made.” - Rosey Lelo
    "After trying a lot of other brands due to extreme leaking I found Milk Pads and they are amazing! I feel safe heading out in public and have recommended them to all the mums I know." - Julia
    Other Milk Pads products: Super Soaker and Ultimate Night Pad- ( the ultimate protection for real heavy leakage ). breast pads washable
    Each pair of Milk Pads comes with care instructions.



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