Cotton reusable Face Masks, with zorb filter (equivalent to 8 layers of cotton) and is made from nonwoven hypoallergenic super absorbent zorb fabric, soft nylon mesh next to the face outer is cotton.  Elastic fits around the ears and tightened for correct fit with silicone stopper.


XL, Large, Med and Small size for the correct size measure from the top of your nose to under the chin, Small is 12cm, Med is 13-14cm, large is 15-16cm and XL is 17-18cm.


To find the right size for your face, measure where you want the top of the mask to sit down to under your chin. Most like there's to sit half way down the nose, so you have room for glasses to sit nicely.


Hand wash, hot, warm, or cold.  Do not use fabric softener this will gum up the filter fabric.


I recommend having two so you when you have one in the wash you have a spare.

Reusable Face Mask

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  • Reusable Face Mask

    MADE IN NEW ZEALAND Professionally made reusable face mask.